Did you ever have the feeling you would not pass your exam because your paper did not get out of your printer or you should cancel your portfolio presentation because of lack of time of lack or the right supplies to make it work? Then you should use the copie sjop. I used it several times for work and for personal use and they offer a good quality and they are fast….but a little bit expensive.

The copie sjop offers printing/copy facilities for paperwork, t-shirts, mugs etc.

Situated near the train station you can print and jump on your train to school. But waiting hours differ. The opening hours are extensive from 7.30h until 24.00h every day except Sunday so you can sleep late, because than it opens at 12.00h.

A small postnl office (Dutch post office) is situated in the building. I am not sure if they have the same opening hours


Copie-Sjop / Westvest 47 – 53 / +31(0)15 2190190