Do you know Tastemade? I love to watch their video’s about how to cook de delicious food? My mouth is watering all the time when I see one. And everything looks so easy!

I like to see people cooking, I love to browse through cookbooks, bookstore Huyser in Delft, always has a very nice selection of them in their store, but to cook it all myself, therefore I must fall in love with a book first and then find the courage to start.

When I saw the Papa Kazmi pure cookbook I did not hesitate very long before I tried a recipe. Papa Kazmi is the chef of the little gem at the Oude Langendijk: Hills and Mills. A restaurant that you should try when you visit Delft!

He and his sons made a cookbook and it is really nice. First I like the design a lot, simple and pure and second the recipes are just great. Who does not want to know the recipe of a real good chicken korma, tiger prawn tikka or a chai latte?

It’s in my kitchen for some time now and up to now I tried a few recipes. I am going to share one of them with you because it was really good, it is the Pasanda, it is a very tasty beef stew and it is a old family recipe of the Kazmi family.

I am happy that they share their recipes. They taste authentic and like being back in Asia again.

The cookbook is available in English and in Dutch and you can buy it online but also in Delft at Hills And Mills or at the bookstore I mentioned before.

Buy it, it is a very good looking (not typical Dutch 😉 ) present from Delft.

Bon Appétit!

Papa Kazmi Pure Cook Book

You can see the Pasanda recipe here