I have a passion for chocolate and design. Good for me that Van der Burgh Chocolaad is situated in Delft. They just moved to a very nice building with a step gable. The tile floor of the building is authentic and very beautiful. The style and color match the nice products which are sold: handmade and fairtrade chocolate bars.

Their chocolate is superb and the designs of its wrappings are great. They are a bit Laura Ashley style, not my favorite, but they are designed with a lot of attention. I mentioned my graphic design course already in another post. During this course I had to design a seamless pattern for wrapping paper which does not look boring. I can tell you, that is not easy!

The chocolate of Van der Burgh with the beautiful wrapping paper, make the bars look like little gifts. If I was a tourist in Delft, I would know now what to take home for myself and as a present!

Van der Burgh Chocolaad / Vrouwenregt 2 / Delft