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Loco Lama

When you are busy decorating a home like I did last weeks, you need inspiration from time to time....

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Atelier Louise

Her name is Loes, her shop is called (Atelier)Louise, and both are warm and welcoming! Loes a lady...

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Hummus in Delft

  The nice thing about Delft is, that when places disappear, new places pop up in a second....

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Wanna laugh?

I like to laugh, I must say I am a cheerful and optimistic person, so in my life, I laugh a lot....

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I wrote an article about the Voldersgracht for the new magazine about Delft, called Blauww. This...

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Wauw Blauww

There is a new magazine in town ant it is called Blauww. Which means Blue…I don’t have to explain...

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Stay @myhomeindelft

Are you looking for an unique and authentic place to stay in the historic city center of Delft? Have a look at My Home in Delft
A private townhouse with boutique styling. The best spot to stay ;-) Open NOW!

*Sold Out* The offline guide: Delft in your Pocket

There is an offline guide of Delft to help you around easily, you can buy it online or at TIP Delft

Vermeer in Delft

Yes, I also wrote about Vermeer, the great painter from Delft. :-)
Little street of Vermeer
The love letter
Inspired by...


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