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Surprise dinners

A week before our holidays in Japan began, I had two surprise dinners. One in Delft with a special...

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I have these creative neighbors in my neighborhood. I already wrote about Liesbeth and her...

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Toko Eddo Time

Today it was Toko Eddo time at home. That means, having good food for dinner, but no time to...

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It’s Deliesious!

You might think that I am improving my Italian-English accent right now 😀 but I am not, I just...

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Unfortunately there isn’t any original painting of Vermeer in Delft. The most nearby paintings of...

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Stay @myhomeindelft

Are you looking for an unique and authentic place to stay in the historic city center of Delft? Have a look at My Home in Delft
A private townhouse with boutique styling. The best spot to stay ;-) Open NOW!

*Sold Out* The offline guide: Delft in your Pocket

There is an offline guide of Delft to help you around easily, you can buy it online or at TIP Delft

Vermeer in Delft

Yes, I also wrote about Vermeer, the great painter from Delft. :-)
Little street of Vermeer
The love letter
Inspired by...


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