I started this blog to write about fun and interesting things about Delft. Things I do not like, are not on this blog. Let’s make the world a bit more positive is my motto.

I was in doubt to write about a canal cruise in Delft. I took a cruise three times. Once on a grey hazy and rainy day, once when the weather was good and once on a hot summer day.

When it is raining, it is a pity but don’t take acruise. You will not see anything apart from windows covered with raindrops! When it is dry, do it! You see the city and the houses from a lower view and that is nice. Apart from the views, the mate (mostly good-looking students from the technical University of Delft 😉 )tells right away a number of facts about the city and buildings you pass by.

When it is hot, being on a canal tour is not very comfortable. It feels like being in a greenhouse without oxygen. A guided walking tour alongside de canals is a better option for that kind of weather.

If you have visited Amsterdam before Delft and if you took a canal cruise there already, do not bother in Delft. It is almost the same.

So when the weather is good and when you have spare time left, you should try the cruise. It is not very expensive and you can combine it easily with a walking tour. It takes less than one hour.

Canal Cruise / Koornmarkt 113 / +31(0)15-2126385

http://rondvaartdelft.nl/ (only in Dutch)