It must be a disaster when you have a successful restaurant for more than 20 years and a fire ruins it in one night….This happened to the owners of the restaurant Boudoir le Marriage last winter. They had a bistro and restaurant and both were destroyed.

They started a new restaurant at the same place and they gave it the name: Boudoir le marriage. Boudoir refers to an elegant place, where you can withdraw and relax. The other part of the name refers to their former restaurant.

It is a place to withdraw indeed. You feel at home right from the moment you enter the place. The chef / owner is a charming charismatic guy who likes to give his guests a warm welcome. The restaurant is decorated elegantly with red colors and velvet. The pictures at the walls are there to please you in a sort of erotic way.

The food is French and the best I had in Delft until now. There are several fine dining places which I will recommend immediately when you want a good dinner and nice evening. But here, the food makes you speechless. My husbands frog’s legs are the best he ever had and my Fricassee de volaille de Bress aux morilles de ‘ Paul Bocuse’ is one of the best main courses I had.

It’s the French traditional cuisine at its best in Delft!

Boudoir le Marriage

Hyppolytusbuurt 8