Maybe the rainy days of last week inspired me, but I think it is a good motto for the clothes store Bonne Vie! Next to my favorite Islamic butcher an the beautiful Old Church of Delft, you’ll find a ladies walhalla. From the outside the shop does not seem so obvious. I passed it a million times thinking, what do they sell there… Maybe the shop window was not always too attractive for me, but last time they had very nice dresses from the Dutch brand King Louie shown there, which caught my attention.

Inside there was more to find of that brand (I could not resist a King Louie t-shirt with a nice design with apples) and I saw more interesting things: Nice clothes, leather belts, bags, accessories etc. I would describe the shop as trendy, Ibiza style, 30+ and feminine.

So if you think you match that description, you certainly should pay a visit!


Bonne Vie / Hippolytusbuurt 47 / +31(0)15 214 5479