In Holland you can buy cheese at many places. I normally get some from the supermarket. For me and the kids that’s ok. But now I know that I should not be satisfied with that kind of cheese. Since I visited the little shop Boerderijzuivel en meer at the Oude Kerkstraat, I know I’ve been eating plastic for many years. That’s what one of the shop owners told me 🙂

They sell all kinds of cheese produced at local farms. There are pictures of smiling people next to every cheese. These are the producers of the cheese. I must be that producing cheese makes you happy!

There is old cheese (cheese can be named old when it’s older than 1 year) and it seems that ‘old’ factory cheese is only 6 months old and has a lot of additives in it. Young cheese is called, graskaas (grass cheese), it’s from the milk of cows who had their first grass meal since they got out of their stable. They also sell cheese from a farm who also supplies the Dutch royal family.

Even if you don’t like cheese, this places is a must see. The great round cheeses on the shelves look like a shop from the old days. And if you like cheese, than you are in for a treat.

Boerderijzuivel en meer

Oude Kerkstraat 3