There is a new magazine in town ant it is called Blauww. Which means Blue…I don’t have to explain that color I think 😉

It is in Dutch…and is it good. I worked on it. It’s a magazine made by people from Delft with a passion for the city. The idea comes from Aad Derwordt, a graphic designer from Delft. He thought that this is the moment to make a magazine about Delt. It should make a person from Delft proud to be a part of Delft. He asked different people for help and they all worked on their own item.

Mine is called: streetwise! I visited the different places at a canal street called the Voldersgracht. A very nice street in the center of Delft and I’ll post about it soon so you can read my story about it in English.

What I liked about the magazine when Aad asked me to join, is that it is a real magazine and not a set of advertorials. There are advertisements in it but, the content is independent.

But still, the idea is to get a good feeling about the town. That’s the same aim as my blog has: to create an independent positive vibe about Delft.

Well I think Blauww is really nice and get a copy of it as soon as you can. They are distributed in the whole city like cafés, hotels, restaurants etc. And if you don’t read Dutch, get a copy because of it’s nice pictures.

For more information check:

Blauww will appear 4 times a year. The next one will be issued in the beginning of December.

If you can’t pick it up somewhere, get it at home for only 20 Euro’s a year.