When you are at the Market square in the center of Delft, it is hard to imagine that only 15 minutes away by bike you can find yourself in a polder called Biesland. A polder consists of reclaimed land. You can find there meadows, farms, villages. Well let’s call it the countryside of Delft.


Biesland dagen

Last weekend we visited Biesland during the ‘Biesland days.’ Then, all kinds of local products are presented and sold and there are activities for children and adults. Mostly related to sustainable living and organic food.

You can also visit ‘Hoeve Biesland’, a farm in the middle of the polder. This farm offers more activities during the year. My son even had a school day out there, which meant that a few hundred children from his primary school spent there the whole day!

I was surprised because there are many local producers of organic food from Delft. I knew some already from the ‘streekmarkt’ / local market, but there are much more.

We bought a bottle of Mead, did you ever hear of it? I didn’t, it is a sort of wine made of honey!!! It tastes like port. We also had bread with stinging nettle from Bakery Bronswijk BuytenDelft.  Try this only when you are sure that you are not allergic to it. (My husband did not know he was…)

Biesland days are fun. So when you are in Delft the first weekend of September, rent a bike and experience the Dutch countryside.


Map of Biesland

Hoeve Biesland

Bakery Bronswijk BuytenDelft

Delftse Mederij

Biesland days