This morning I sat at a terrace of a café at the Beestenmarkt in Delft and I wondered why did’nt I write about this place yet? I mentioned it on my map, and when I looked around I thought it is a typical place in Delft… It’s a square full of terraces and it is surrounded by of restaurants, a wine bar and a hotel.

Maybe it is because I think it is a little bit too common to write about it. Or maybe I do not know where to start as this place is part of the history of Delft.

Anyway now I think it is time not to ignore this square any longer and to write about it 🙂

This square is almost a real square, 50 bij 60 meters. In the middle of it you’ll see a ceramic bull. This piece of art and the name of the square relate to the history of the place. (Beestenmarkt means Animal market) There used to be a cattle market from 1595 till 1972 where farmers from the immediate surroundings sold their animals.

Next to the bull you can sit on the public benches.

Many locals come here and have a drink, so if you wanna be a part of that, drop by on a sunny day and enjoy the crowded place. The 24! plane trees give you a refreshing shade on a hot summer day.

In the winter the ice rink is at the square. The Beestenmarkt is a lively place in summer and winter…actually, not to miss when you visit Delft.