If you are at the Market square and if you turn right when you stand in front of the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ you will see the ‘Blue heart of Delft’.

Many people from Delft love this artwork. I worked in Delft with young people and if they had to show foreigners something about Delft, the blue heart always showed up!

It has been designed by  Marcel Smink.http://www.marcelsmink.nl/

It represents the heart of the city. The technical construction inside links with the famous Technical University located in Delft. And of course the blue comes from the Delft Blue tiles.

In my opinion it is a nice object, not to big, still in good shape with a good story.

In the evening it lights up. Than it refers to the illuminated signs above shops and to the stained glass of churches.

Take a selfie in front of it! 🙂


Blauwe hart / Nieuw Langendijk