As Delft is not such a big and crowded city, it is nice to walk around without any particular purpose. While having a stroll, you will see beautiful details of the city. Some time ago I walked at the Oude Delft, the Oldest canal of Delft when I saw an old arch. I entered the gate (it was something like a gate) and I stood at the Bagijnhof. I knew something like that from the city where I used to live for a long time, Dordrecht. I never knew what is was exactly.

It seems that ‘Begijnen’ were unmarried women who did not live in a monastery but they were still living a religious live. They owned their home and had to work for a living.

The gate from the Bagijnhof dates from 1500 or 1600. The houses at the Bagijnhof are relatively new. After one of the women died, secular people could come and live at the Bagijnhof. Now you find a dentist there, the entrance of restaurant Van der Dussen, a church and a few nice homes.

In the middle of the square there used to be a well, now there is a little playground. Have a stroll and take a look at this place. It is nice, quiet and although it has changed a lot since the Begijnen lived there, you still feel ‘something’ of that period there.