I just came back from a trip to Japan. I brought home about 25 maps of Kyoto including a few maps of its beautiful temples. I don’t know if I used them all, but we never got lost…

With Delft it starts to be the same, there are many maps and ‘guides’ of Delft now. You can buy some at TIP Delft or you can get them for free at different places. Besides its subject (duh) they have one thing in common: they are all sponsored by the places which are on the map or in the guide….

TEDx Delft women starts next 29 May. It is about authenticity. A subject I embrace. In my opinion you have to communicate authentic to be really heard. It is the most honest way of communication. That is why I write this blog myself and that is why no one can pay me to write something positive about a place or to get a little ‘star’ on my map. 🙂

I don’t want to be a moralist, it’s up to you to decide how you use the information you get while travelling. I’ll mention a few maps which are available in Delft to help you to get around easily. It is good to know who made them and why.

– ‘Ontloop de massa, neem de benenwagen’ is a little A-5 size map with a few nice spots on it. The owners of the spots joined together and paid a little bit of money to get this small, creative and adorable map with nice drawings on it. I like this a lot because of its creative look. It’s in English and Dutch.

Shoppen in historisch Delft is a little book with shops located near each other. The retail association made this little ‘guide’ to promote their shops. It also gives information in English and Dutch about a few places of interest in Delft.

Blue Pearls is a same size booklet as ‘Shoppen in historisch Delft’ but than with more attention to the design of it. It has advertorials about all kinds of spots in it. Discount coupons are included. It’s in Dutch and English.

The map of hostel Delft, I really like this clear and simple map, with a few places of interest on it, so no paid ‘hotspots’. It does not give a description of these places of interest. The design is like a scribbling-pad. You can take it from the hostel. It is available in Dutch.

TIP Delft (Tourist Information Office) has a few sponsored maps. They are just OK to get around and see most of the mainstream places of Delft.

Like a local map/city guide. A map with a somewhat cold and industrial look. I do like the beautiful pictures on the back of it, made by Margo Wijers from Galerie XS. If you want to be on the map you’ll have to pay for it, despite that, the selection of the places is nice. It is in English.

And last but not least:

The Exploringdelft fun and interesting city map/guide, hmmm what to tell you about my own creation.

It is the only authentic city guide of Delft. So you’ll have to pay a little bit (3 Euro’s) to get it, but hey, I made the selection myself and I am not sponsored 😉

With all these maps and ‘guides’, you will have a great time in Delft and you will not get lost.

Have fun!