It has been some time since I visited art house Lumen, at the Doelenplein. With 2 small children you cannot always decide spontaneously to go the movies as we have to book a nanny in advance. But today it was a special occasion I visited Lumen to see the premiere of a documentary about a whizzkid from Delft, called Puck. Maybe he is the new Mark Zuckerberg as he was into programming since he was 8 years old. Keep his name in mind!

The art house is at my favorite square in Delft. It is small and it plays art house movies for adults and children. They play a variety of films. The theater is very comfortable with a lot of leg room. It has a small foyer with a bar.

Check out their program at their website.

And if you need a nanny try Oppas Madelief . A registration is not free but they have good nannies and there is always one available. Also on short terms. So there is no excuse to stay at home 😉

Filmhuis Lumen / Doelenplein 5 / +31152140226