UPDATE: Since a few weeks, this shop does have name!!! (who knows, maybe they read my blog 😉

I know a very nice shop. It has no name on the shop window, but everyone knows the shop, so what’s in a name?

But it actually does have a name, and now it is getting more interesting, at least for the Dutch!

The shop is called, Art & Casey. A long time ago there were two very popular ice skaters, Ard Schenk and Kees Verkerk. So I think the name comes from them, but I actually don’t know 😉

So, now what to buy there? Clothes, of course. For women. Of course. Always for women! What did I buy there? A very beautiful dress.

The shop is decorated in a retro seventies style. (Ard and Kees were heroes in the seventies), it is a large shop and there is a lot to choose. They sell different original clothes brands. I bought a dress from Shikha.

Prices are very ok, they differ. But like me, for only 50 Euro’s you can feel very hot and hip this summer! There are only two more Art and Casey shops in the Netherlands. I want to visit them too. I heard the interior reflects the atmosphere of the city where it is located.

Ps, a small part of the shop is reserved for men…

Art & Casey / Burgwal 17 / +31(0)10 843 4541

Facebook Art & Casey