Do you love Asian cooking and you think it is hard to find the right authentic ingredients? Try Amazing Oriental, a large oriental supermarket. You must have good transport to get there because it is situated next to the highway A13. And when you are inside, you buy more than you can take with you, if you are not by car.

Their assortment is large. I like Asian food, but I cannot identify all the vegetables, fish, cans etc. they sell. It is too much. You must be able to find your specific ingredients for your Asian recipes here.

Prices are ok, vegetables are cheap and my little boy thinks it smells like a Chinese restaurant inside.  We love to look at all the fish in the freezers and it is always a challenge to pick the best soy sauce. I did not dare yet to buy  a frozen Durian. I always buy the frozen dumplings there. You should try them too!

It is a pity that it will close probably within one year…


Amazing Oriental / Kleveringweg 59