During my Xco workout this morning in the gym (I’ll tell you more about this gym later) I was thinking about Delft and its connection with porcelain and China. Strange combination with sports, I know ;-) .

Delft has a cultural connection with the Chinese city Jingdezhen where porcelain is made. Just like in Delft. I know two places where this connection is shown. I call them open air artworks, because the porcelain is at a two public squares. One I wrote already something about, that is my favorite: ‘a national treasure’ at the . I just love it! The other place is the Sint Agathaplein. A quiet square.

There are 3 lampposts at the square covered with porcelain and decorated by Wendy Steens from the Porceleyne fles and the Chinese artist Zhang Ling Yun. She stayed in Delft a few weeks as artist in residence. Her style is seems simple and almost graphic. She uses the kobalt blue in her works. The lampposts look a bit strange with the white and blue cover.

This is not the only reason to visit the Sint Agathasquare. Next to it you find the garden of the Museum the Prinsenhof with a statue of Willem van Oranje and at the opposite of the garden you can do some nostalgic shopping at Winkeltje Kouwenhoven.

When I was at the square it was lunchtime, some tourist ate their sandwich at one of the benches next to Willem van Oranje. Good idea to do so too!


Sint Agathaplein